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Deepwell Estates Is A Safe Neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch Program works with Palm Springs Police Department

The Deepwell Neighborhood Watch program musters the power of residents to provide block-level security through a program of awareness, communicating and education. It is an organized program that helps develop everyone's power of observation and fosters mutual assistance and communication among neighbors. Deepwell Estates has one of the most active and engaged Neighborhood Watch groups in Palm Springs thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team of neighborhood captains. The program was led for many years by Neighborhood Watch Chair Jim King, who recently retired from the position. Through the years, Neighborhood Watch has used the “extra eyes and ears” approach to create a proactive, community-oriented program. Working together in conjunction with law enforcement. empowers residents to be active in emergency preparedness. Our Neighborhood Watch program has resulted in crime reduction, a better quality of life, a greater sense of security, helps build community pride and unity in Deepwell. 

Nick Falconio
Neighborhood Watch Chair

Nick Falconio, New NW Chair
Jim King, Former NW Chair
Safety In Deepwell: Who We Are
Safety In Deepwell: Who We Are
Neighborhood Watch Program And You!

Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Organization has organized a group of neighbors who are the ever watchful “eyes and ears” of Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Watch program. Our neighborhood watch team includes 20 volunteer Block Captains as well as many dog walkers, bikers, joggers, and walkers. Every street has at least two Block Captains working with residents on those streets. We encourage our residents to wear brightly colored vests and hats while enjoying our neighborhood. Wearing these vests and hats provides great visibility, allowing people to be seen during both daylight and nighttime. Our goal is to keep an eye out for any activity or situation that looks suspicious or out of place.

Yellow Reflective Vests

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch

  • crime reduction

  • a better quality of life

  • a greater sense of security, responsibility and personal control

  • community pride and unity

  • helping ourselves and others in our community

  • provide law enforcement agencies with volunteer support year round

Neighborhood Watch Signs

We Are All On The Team

Everyone in Deepwell can help deter crime. Our neighborhood watch team includes 20 volunteer Block Captains as well as dog walkers, bikers, joggers, and walkers. Every street has at least two Block Captains working with residents on those streets. We are always looking for neighbors to join our team.

Neighborhood Watch Signs

Our neighborhood has worked with the Palm Springs Police Department to develop Neighborhood Watch signs in both English and Spanish. These signs are prominently displayed throughout the neighborhood.  To further protect our residences we provide stickers to place on residents' doors, windows and mailboxes. These proactive measures help to keep Deepwell's crime level to near zero.

Neighborhood Video Team

Many Deepwell Estates residents have volunteered to be members of our Video team. Register the location of your home or business security cameras through the chair of Deepwell Estate Neighborhood Watch Team by completing our Deepwell Video Team Application form. When an incident is captured on video, the video footage is shared with the Chair of Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Watch and sent to our local law enforcement agency.

Video Tags Available
Palm Springs Police Badge
Palm Springs Police Badge
Call The Police!
Palm Springs Police Car


General Info/Police Report: (760) 323-8116

Non-Emergency Crimes/Incidents: (760) 327-1441

Police reports | Submit a police report


Physical Address:

Palm Springs Police Department 
200 S. Civic Drive 
Palm Springs, California 92263

Safety In Deepwell: About Us

Easy Connections For Palm Springs

City Hall and Departments. 

Important City of Palm Springs Police Department. 

Palm Springs Police Department - Important Phone Numbers: 

Non-Emergency - (760) 327-1441

Vacation Rental Hotline 24/7 - (760) 322-8383

Code Enforcement (760) 778-8434

Shopping Cart Removal Hotline (800) 252-4613

Graffiti Removal Hotline (760) 778-8469

Animal Control (760) 323-8151

Palm Springs Animal Shelter (760)-416-5718

Community Resource Officer (760) 416-5743 

​These numbers are provided for your quick convenience but often times phone numbers do get changed. So please consult

with the City of Palm Springs website

City Seal

myPalmSprings app

Palm Springs App

City of Palm Springs New User-Friendly App

Available at Apple Store or GooglePlay

Our City Council Representative Working For Deepwell Estates

Welcome to a place like no place else. The myPalmSprings app will allow our residents, businesses, and visitors to stay up to date with the array of world-class amenities and services that Palm Springs has to offer. Our easy-to-use app will allow you to effortlessly search for your favorite City park, find your local library, check flights at Palm Springs International Airport, explore upcoming City events, stay up to date with the latest news releases and access all official City of Palm Springs social media.

You might also want to check out the new 

City of Palm Springs Police Department App

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Lisa Middleton
Lisa Middleton speaking at the 2020 Annual Meeting
Safety In Deepwell: Who We Are

Lisa Middleton

City Councilmember District 5

Lisa Middleton was elected to the City Council in November 2017, re-elected in November 2020. Her current term expires in December 2024.   

Lisa was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to represent all of local government statewide on the Board of Administration of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).   

Lisa serves on the Riverside County Transportation Commission, the Sunline Transit Board of Directors and the Metrolink Board of Directors. Lisa is a member of the League of California Cities Board of Governors, Chair of the League’s Revenue & Taxation Policy Committee, Vice-Chair of the League’s Riverside County Executive Committee and serves on the League’s LGBTQ Caucus Executive Committee.

She is a member of the Boards of Directors of the Equality California Institute and the Desert LGBTQ Center.    

Ms. Middleton retired in 2010 after serving 36 years with the State Compensation Insurance Fund of the State of California. At her retirement she was the Senior Vice President of Internal Affairs.   

Lisa is a graduate of UCLA and USC. Lisa is the first transgender person elected to a political office in the State of California. She and her wife Cheryl live in the Tahquitz River Estates neighborhood.

Lisa Middleton

(760) 507-7851

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