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Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Activities

Neighborhood Meet and Greet Gatherings. 

Enjoy the feeling of belonging in the neighborhood where you live. DENO sponsors a variety of neighborhood activities to foster the spirit of friendliness and inclusiveness. Meet your neighbors at one of many gatherings, patio brunches, evening poolside parities, pot-luck lunches, evenings under the stars film nights, garden walks and landscaping tours, plant swap, or our famous neighborhood garage sale. Every homeowner and renter is considered a part of the Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Organization. We do suggest a minimal donation of $35 annually ($60 for 2 years) to help subsidize our neighborhood programs such as our Neighborhood Watch program, email communications, website, and some neighborhood gatherings. Your donation also helps DENO participate in city-wide activities such as Festival of Lights Parade during the holidays, and the annual Palm Springs community picnic.

Deepwell Activities: Who We Are
Annual General Membership Meeting

All Residents Are Encouraged To Attend.

Once a year, DENO holds an annual general membership meeting for all Deepwell Estates Neighborhood residents. The meeting is held to elect the Board of Advisors for the coming year, review and approve the annual financial report, budget, and any by-laws changes, share important information, including crime and safety statistics and tips, and review any other neighborhood business. We also highlight our social events, reviewing past events, feature upcoming events, and solicit volunteers for our various committees. We invite city officials such as the City Manager, our District 5 Council representative and the Chief of Police or his designated representative to update us on City affairs. We have also invited representatives from the Palm Springs Public Library, Palm Springs Historical Society, Palm Springs Animal Shelter and other local organizations to share information with our neighborhood. This meeting is generally held in early February. A notice is mailed to all residents in early January to alert members of the upcoming meeting date and time.

Deepwell Activities: Who We Are
Deepwell Activities: Get Involved
Nieghborhood Yard Sale

Do you ever feel like you are buried in stuff? Maybe your closet that is overflowing with once-loved garments you have not worn in years. Or perhaps a kitchen with cabinets crowded by gadgets that have not seen the light of day in decades. Or, like so many of us, is your garage the place where odd and rarely used objects go to be buried and forgotten? February is the perfect month for our annual neighborhood-wide garage sale. DENO obtains the blanket permit and takes care of the advertising. DENO creates a map to identify which homes are included in the one-day neighborhood-wide event. 

February -

Neighborhood-Wide Yard Sale

Community-wide One-PS Picnic and Expo

March -

ONE-PS Community-wide Picnic & Expo

The ONE-PS Picnic & Community Expo has become a favorite Annual City-wide Neighborhood event. The City of Palm Springs always has a great showing from the Palm Springs Police Department, Fire Department, Search and Rescue teams, the City Sustainability and Recycling Commission and the CERT Program. The various neighborhoods get involved with information booths. This event celebrates the Palm Springs Neighborhoods and all the great things that make our City a special place to live, work and play. DENO participates with information table at the picnic where we provide information on the Deepwell Estates.

March -
Hidden Deepwell Garden Walk

Springtime is a wonderful time to tour beautiful Deepwell gardens bursting with fresh blooms in bright arrays of colors.  Residents open up their gates to fellow neighbors and welcome them to view their beautifully landscaped backyards. Everyone’s yard is unique with special design elements that delight and inspire. There tour is a progression from one house to the next, leading to the final house, where refreshments are provided by DENO as we mingle and discuss the wonderful highlights of the tour.

Neighborhood Garden
Afternoon Gathering of Friends

May -

Movie Night Under The Stars

An outdoor movie on a beautiful desert night! What could possibly be better? Join your neighbors for an evening under the stars watching Hollywood stars. It is sure to be a hit, complete with popcorn! This is a new event for DENO. Our first Annual Movie Night Under the Stars will be at the William Holden Estate in May 2022 (rescheduled from May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

April -

Progressive Deepwell Luncheon

This neighborhood event features several houses residents have graciously opened to DENO members. DENO provides the delicious food and beverages to the various homes. At the first residence, appetizers and beverages are served. After about an hour the group moves en masse, some carrying food and beverages, to the second location. At the second house, the entrees are served, along with more beverages for the attendees. From there, attendees progress to the third and final location for the much anticipated dessert buffet. Needless to say, there is some napping that takes place after this robust progressive culinary event!

A Deepwell Evening Under The Stars
Summer Survival Cocktail Party

August -

Summer Survival Cocktail Party

Summer Survival is always a treat for those residents who do not retreat to cooler climates for the summer. This event is usually held in early August when the temperatures reach well into the 100-plus range. Summer Survivor gives us an opportunity to forget about the heat, slip on the fancy flip-flops, and have some fun. Roughly 70 neighbors attend this soiree event each year, graciously hosted by one of our Deepwell Estates neighbors.  Because of the heat, it is an evening event featuring cool refreshments and tasty delicacies on which to nibble while catching up with neighbors.

Deepwell Activities: Get Involved
Deepwell Activities: Get Involved
A Deepwell gathering.

November -

Taste of Deepwell Pot-luck Lunch

Taste of Deepwell is an afternoon of culinary delights and delightful conversation held at one of our Deepwell Estates neighbors' homes. It is definitely a great day to showcase our many neighbors’ culinary talents and to enjoy the beauty of one of our neighborhood residences. DENO provides the main entrée and attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite side dishes and recipes to share with their neighbors. Neighbors with special culinary skills bring a cornucopia of delicious and unique contributions. Some of the dishes shared are vegetarian or plant-based, ensuring that all can participate in this very special event.



Festival of Lights Parade Balloon Wrangling

The Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade along Palm Canyon Drive is held every year on the first Saturday in December and has become a much-loved holiday tradition in downtown Palm Springs. Each year a group of eager volunteers from Deepwell Estates put on their festive holiday garments and sashay merrily down Palm Canyon while wrangling one of the festive helium balloons. In 2019, over 28 neighborhood volunteers showed up to be our balloon wranglers guiding Fiddlesticks the Mouse down Palm Canyon Drive. Join us this coming year for the fun!

Lemon Desserts
Plant Swap
Spring Blooms

Seasonal Happenings for our neighbors! If you have a suggestion for a special seasonal themed event, based on weather, seasonal harvest or some other seasonal happening, our Events team would love to hear from you.

Lemon Fest

Lemon Fest is held at the height of the lemon season, usually late January or early February. Many homes in Deepwell have mature lemon trees that produce more quality lemons than one household generally uses. This event was created to widen people’s perspective about the usefulness of lemons. Residents get very creative with recipes ranging from entrees to desserts, bringing their favorite creation to the event where everyone eagerly samples their recipe. And it is not just about eating lemons, as one resident created an expressive painting of lemons!

Plant Swap

This is an informal gathering of plant and garden enthusiasts to share plants they have nurtured. We each have our favorite plants and neighbors can be a great source of new and different specimens. Deepwell gardeners are willing and eager to share their knowledge about what they have been growing. This event happens twice a year, one in the fall and another in the spring.

Deepwell Activities: Programs
Wine Tasting Events
Winter Flavors

Neighborhood Interest Groups Forming Now!!

These are just two of the neighborhood interest groups being formed by our neighbors. Other groups are on the horizon to help connect neighbors with neighbors who have similar passions or hobbies. Neighbors with suggestions for new interest groups are encourage to contact the DENO Board to help facilitate outreach.

Horticulture Club

The Horticulture Interest Group is for folks who love growing plants. All things plant related are open for discussion and learning, including propagation, irrigation, pest management, pruning, feeding, etc. This group is a means of connecting home gardeners with one another so that we may all benefit from each person’s experiences growing a variety of plants in the desert.

Gourmet Cooking Club

This group is for anyone interested in cooking or baking. Activities include cooking and baking demonstrations or classes, taste tests, cook-off/bake-off events, soup nights and anything else cooking/baking related. As the culinary interests of individuals in the group are wide and varied, neighbors are encouraged to offer their experience and expertise in their favorite area by way of demonstrations or hands-on experiences.

Book of the Month Club

Wine Tasting Club

Bridge Club 

Groups are in the planning stages of getting together.  

Deepwell Activities: Programs
Deepwell Special
Mailbox Decorating!

Sometimes we just feel like decorating, even if it is only a mailbox. During most of 2020 and much of 2021, we were not able to gather for our annual events or the holidays. We came up with the idea of decorating our mailboxes for those special occasions: thanking our USPS letter carrier for his exemplary service, celebrating the winter holidays and Mardi Gras. And because many of our homes were decorated for the winter holidays, DENO coordinated a Holiday Stroll through the streets of the neighborhood to enjoy the holiday lights and decorations. 

Mardi Gras Deocrating - 2020
Postal Carrier Wayne Day Collage
Holiday Mailbox Decorating - 2020
Deepwell Activities: Who We Are
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