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Deepwell History: About Us
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Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Story

Experience The Richness of Living In Deepwell Estates!

The “Unofficial” History of Deepwell By Ron Root, Deepwell Resident

As a newer resident (1996), I find myself slightly disadvantaged as a neighborhood historian. But smitten by the charm of Old Palm Springs, I have been moved to research and write about our lovely Deepwell. My love for the Coachella Valley really started in the “golden celebrity era” in the late 40’s. I came here with my parents as tourists from Laguna Beach to “star gaze.” Yes, we saw movie stars, but as a child, I was more impressed with riding a camel in Indio as part of the “Arabian Nights” festivities. Many years later, while searching for a home to fit my semi-retiree's state of mind, I heard Realtors make strange references to Palm Springs neighborhoods such as Las Palmas, The Movie Colony, Araby, The Mesa, Little Tuscany and lovely Deepwell. Although these areas were not defined on my AAA map, I eventually garnered some sense of location and more importantly, the nature of each neighborhood. . . . 


To read more about the history of Deepwell Estates: Ron Root, A Former Resident of the Deepwell Estates

Neighborhood: The "Unofficial History of Deepwell"

Deepwell History: About Us

History of Deepwell Estates Neighborhood

The Story of Deepwell by Melba Bennett

from 1952 Palm Springs Villager

Deepwell Old 2

Photo Courtesy of Palm Spring Historical Society

Henry Pearson had a problem. He purchased an apricot ranch in 1926 and needed water to keep his investment thriving. Pearson did not just drill for water. He drilled and drilled until he found what he needed 630 feet below the surface. In doing so, he created the deepest well in the Coachella Valley and named his property to reflect his accomplishment. Pearson built a ranch house that he eventually converted to a guesthouse. In 1952, the Deepwell Colony Estates (later the name was shortened to simply Deepwell Estates) was officially founded as a subdivision. A community spirit of welcome and hospitality was among its enduring legacies that remain to this day.

Deepwell History: Who We Are

Famous Deepwell Residents

Neighborhood Was Playground for Hollywood's 1950's Celebrities!

Some famous figures have called Deepwell Estates home over the years. In the 1950’s many celebrities from Los Angeles lived and played in Palm Springs, considering it their getaway from busy work schedules in Hollywood. Many chose the Deepwell Estates neighborhood for the size of the lots and its closeness to Downtown Palm Springs. The list includes William Holden, Gavin MacLeod, Tippi Hedren, Eva Gabor, Marjorie Main, Loretta Young, Benita Granville, Elizabeth Taylor, Julie London, Jack Webb, Eddie Fisher, Jerry Lewis, Carmen Miranda, baseball great Leo Durocher, and hot dog magnate Oscar Mayer.

William Holden.jpg

William Holden

Internationally Renowned Film Actor

lived in Deepwell Estates 1966 - 1977

1323 So. Driftwood Drive



Loretta Young 

Oscar Winning Actress

lived in Deepwell Estates 1993 - 2000

1075 So. Manzanita Avenue

Eva Gabor

Eva Gabor 

Actress, Best Known for "Green Acres"

lived in Deepwell Estates during the 90s

1509 So. Manzanita Avenue

1509 S Manzanita.jpg
Jack Webb

Jack Webb 

Producer-Actor Television Series" Dragnet"

Built house in Deepwell Estates in 1960

1255 So. Manzanita Ave

.Marjorie Main

Marjorie Main

Vaudeville, Broadway and Film Actress

Best known as Ma Kettle in Ma and Pa Kettle

Lived in Deepwell at 1280 So. Calle Rolph

1516 Manzanita.jpeg


Famed pianist's and Las Vegas entertainer. 

Bought house in Deepwell Estates in 1957

1516 So. Manzanita Ave

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis

Comedic Actor

Lived in Deepwell from 1963 to 1975

1349 Sagebrush Road

1349 Sagebrush
1044 Calle Rolph.jfif

Carmen Miranda

Portugese Samba dancer, singer and actress. 

Always appeared in films with fruit hat outfits. Lived in Deepwell from 1951-1955

1044 So. Calle Rolph

Carmen can often be seen by the pool especially during parties. 

Deepwell History: Who We Are

Some Deepwell Homes Designed By Well-known Architects

The Deepwell neighborhood is a mixture of mid-century modern, Spanish colonial revival and ranch style traditional homes. There is a rich history of architects and developers who built homes in Deepwell. William Grant, a local builder who purchased a significant portion of Deep Well Ranch and subdivided it for 231 custom-homes  which became Deep Well Ranch Estates. Architect Hugh Kaptur designed several homes in the Deep Well Ranch Estates. Other well-known architects designing homes in Deepwell were Stan Sackley, E. Stewart Williams, Wexler & Harrison, A. Belden Crist and Michael Black

Deepwell History: Who We Are
Plaayboy Home on Sagebrush

Stan Sackley--1325 Sagebrush Road known as The Playboy Pad. 

Sackley designed homes at 1131 S. Driftwood and 1475 S. Paseo De Marcia

Deepwell History: What We Do
The Macy Home on Calle Marcus

Hugh Kaptur -- 1577 Calle Marcus "The Macy House" is a City of Palm Springs Class 1 Historic Site. 

Sutter Residence  on Calle de Maria

E. Stuart Williams designed the Sutter Residence at 1207 Calle de Maria with interiors designed by

Arthur Elrod. Williams also designed the Leon Koerner residence at 1275 Calle de Maria

wexlerhouse on Mesquite

David Wexler-Richard Harrison Home at 1177 E. Mesquite Avenue

1344 Calle De Maria and 1266 Calle De Maria


George F. and Marcia Barrett Residence (known as the William Holden Deepwell Residence)

is a City of Palm Springs Class 1 Historic Site

originally built by Joe S. Pawling. Located at 1323 So. Driftwood Drive.  

Steel House Deepwell Estats.jpg

Jim Jennings built the Steel House at 1525 Avenida Olancha.

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