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Last month we sent out a survey, seeking input on neighborhood events, communications and neighborhood watch. We had a tremendous response, with a whooping 67 neighbors completing the survey. Here is what we learned:


93% of you like social gatherings with beverages and light refreshments (aka cocktail parties).


74% of you like neighborhood tours of gardens, homes, architecture, or collections.


83% of you would like to have a neighborhood block party.


64% of you would like to have Taco Tuesday gatherings.


11 of you offered to host an event or help (Thank you! You folks will be hearing from us!)


Weekend events are most preferred, with Saturdays being most favored, and the 5-7 pm time slot garnering 40% of your votes, followed by the 11:30 am to 1:30 pm slot, with 19% of your votes.


94% of you prefer email communication over text or social media.


53% of you are on Facebook and would join a Deepwell group page (we will be setting this up in July!).


79% of you like oregano! (No surprise to us. It's yummy. Did you know this popular herb is full of antioxidants and can grow in your Deepwell backyard? Plant in October and enjoy through January. Keep the flowers pruned.)


70% of you have visited our website. The rest of you, check it out here.


76% of you are willing to participate in a neighborhood directory, 17% may be interested, and 5% of you would not participate in a directory.


87% of you feel Neighborhood Watch is a value to our community.


The board of advisors will be meeting to discuss and digest all of the helpful input and will keep you updated on how we will be implementing the feedback.


If you would like to see all of the results


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